Master’s Thesis Vs Doctoral Dissertation: Tips For Newbies

Your thesis will require a lot of work, but you already know this very well. You see how much your colleagues are struggling to find a good topic and you are horrified thinking that you have to do the same thing. It takes months to build a good dissertation, so you are ready to start as soon as possible. To make sure that everything goes smoothly, take a look at these tips:

  • - Find an original topic. It does not actually matter what kind of composition you are planning to create, the rule is the same. Your professor is tired to hear about the same topics all over again; he wants you to use your creativity and to come up with something extraordinary. These might seem like big words, but it’s not difficult at all to do this. You just have to stop thinking that this is not suitable or good enough for your school. If you are in need of some original titles you have to check out Thesis Helpers.
  • - Think about what career you want to follow. You should have a pretty clear idea about this by now but if you don’t, maybe it’s a good time to discuss this with your parents. Depending on what you want to do next you can decide what kind of project you need, on what theme and based on what writers. Don’t forget that this single task can make a huge difference in your future.
  • - Find new resources. We all know that it is easy to find information on the Internet, but don’t make this your only source. It’s so much interesting to discuss with real people, to take interviews or to make experiments. Your professors will see you as a real professional and they will not hesitate to give you high marks.
  • - Pay attention to details. Many students get low grades not because their composition is not good, but because they did not think about the details. A title page is a small thing that can have a big impact, as well as an appendix where you explain some unknown terms. The editing part is very often neglected, even if this is what professors see before they can even read the text itself. The point is to try to see this project as something unique and have the patience to polish every part.

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In the end, your goal is to approach your project based on ideas for which you can effectively handle. Again, you will want to complete your work early and have plenty of time to revise and finalize the draft you will submit to the committee.


The best way to succeed in your first post graduate papers is by learning what the university really expects from you.

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