List of 15 brilliant topic ideas for your dissertation

Well, writing a good academic paper is something many students aim at. However, not many get to realize it. This is because students are endowed with different capabilities when it comes to doing what it takes to be ranked high in a class or school. In other words, there are those students who potential come from natural abilities or endowment while others have to put in all the effort necessary in order to learn something new and most importantly, do well in writing tasks. In view of the fact that academic writing comes in different kinds such as essays, research, thesis and dissertation, it is important that one finds out what each entails and how each should be done. For instance, while you could be the best thesis writer out there when it comes to doing essays, this may not necessarily translate into writing a phenomenal dissertation.

In every aspect of it, writing is usually founded on ideas that at the end of the day bring forth a powerful paper. It however depends on what type of ideas you come up with. This is where you need to understand the difference between brilliant topic ideas and just plan topics for your postgraduate or undergraduate term paper project. To enable you go at this with ease and with a better approach, I list below top brilliant topic ideas for your paper so read on for details;

  • A look into the how social media contributes to increasing case of terror related activities in middle east
  • How is social networking enhancing good governance in third world countries
  • Is the cure for HIV/AID a possible find? A comparative analysis study of laboratory experiments aimed at finding the cure
  • The case of Killer Corps. Are increased cased of civilians by the police racially instigated?
  • A look into the current state of global warming. Are governments taking the threat seriously?
  • Is global warming a fallacy? A critical analysis of the case of increasing sea levels and what triggers it
  • A look into Zika Virus. How to mitigate spread of the mosquito virus
  • Impacts democracy in regards to development of emerging economies

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In the end, your goal is to approach your project based on ideas for which you can effectively handle. Again, you will want to complete your work early and have plenty of time to revise and finalize the draft you will submit to the committee.


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