How To Come Up With Good Dissertation Topics On Foreign Direct Investment

For every post graduate student, it is mandatory that a dissertation will be written before being awarded that post-graduate degree. This is why proper attention should be given to this particular academic paper. Now you are getting ready for your academic paper on foreign direct investment but you have not been able to come up with any interesting topics. If you are yet to be inspired, here are some tips that would help you come up with an interesting topic for your paper on foreign direct investment. They are as follows:

  • Reach out to former students: If you know some persons who have successfully obtained their post graduate degrees, then you should not hesitate to contact them. Through them, you can get ideas on what topics to write about on your dissertation on foreign direct investment.
  • Communicate with educators: Since you are looking for inspirations on what topics to write about, reaching out to professors in the fields of international relationship and business will help you come closer to possible topics for your academic paper. Through their inputs, you can find interesting topics to write about.
  • Go through examples: Other students have possibly written on various topics covering foreign direct investment. Check through the school library and on the internet to gain access to any academic papers that might have been written in the past on foreign direct investment. You can also get example papers from your colleagues, friends, family members, etc.
  • Brainstorm with loved ones: Another method through which you can come up with topics for your dissertation paper on foreign direct investment is by brainstorming with your friends and family members. You will be surprised on how simple conversations on foreign direct investment would bring about interesting topic ideas.

These are just a few of the methods through which you can come up with amazing topics for your academic paper on foreign direct investment. You can also go through your lecture notes and see how much inspiration you can get from notes taken in the past. Even old academic papers can give you an idea of one or more topics to write about.

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In the end, your goal is to approach your project based on ideas for which you can effectively handle. Again, you will want to complete your work early and have plenty of time to revise and finalize the draft you will submit to the committee.


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